Rider Info

Our program provides adaptive horseback riding for people living with disabilities.

After being closed because of COVID for all of 2020, we achieved our goal to reopen lessons in 2021!

Now we are beginning our second year in our new location, a private farm in Oak Grove. We will be offering lessons, eight weeks in each of Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Out of an abundance of caution, we are serving one rider at a time in Spring, but then two riders at a time the rest of the year.

Here’s some information about participating in our program:

1. What to Wear – long pants, shoes that stay on the feet (tennis shoes are okay.) Slippery fabric (i.e. windpants) and shorts are discouraged. Dress for the weather, as we will be outside or in the arena which is not temperature controlled – this may require a jacket and/or mittens/gloves. There will be dirt, hair, and bugs to deal with, as well!
2. Attendance – make sure your rider arrives no later than 5 minutes prior to lesson start time and wait in your car until you are invited in to the barn. If your rider is late, the lesson will still end on time. If your rider is more than 10 minutes late in a lesson where there’s another rider, they may not ride at all. If they won’t make it, please call or text as soon as you can, but understand your rider will receive the most benefit attending each week. Because your rider will have volunteers to assist them, try to call at least one day ahead of the lesson time if they cannot make it; that allows us an opportunity to cancel the volunteers and save them a trip.
3. Helmets – with the advent of the CORVID-19 virus, we have determined that we will no longer have shared helmets for riders; consequently, ALL riders will be required to have their own helmets. Equestrian helmets are not too expensive and can be found at Fleet Farm, Pleasant Hills, or ordered online. Bike helmets are not acceptable.
4. Paperwork – we have that! It includes contact information, releases and waivers, and medical information provided by the rider’s physician, and a personal responsibility acknowledgement regarding COVID-19.
5. Before They Begin – if we feel the need to assess your rider before lessons begin, we will schedule a simple screening. The cost for the screening is $50 and lasts approximately 30 minutes. They may or may not get on a horse.
6. Safety – because there are many components to therapeutic riding, Stable Pathways is the sole determiner as to the participation of any rider. This includes before they begin, but also during each class and the lesson season. Horses are also observed and evaluated at all times and horses may or may not be reassigned before or during any lesson. Safety for everyone is our top priority.
8. Registration – We fill first come/first served. Returning riders are afforded the opportunity to sign up first; approximately two weeks after that we open registration to new riders. We do not automatically sign your rider up for lesson blocks; you have to tell us.
9. We operate at a private farm, but we are a separate business entity: DO NOT CALL THE FARM for any information regarding the program or lesson availability. Please do not access the premises outside of your scheduled lesson time or volunteering day without prior permission from the Director; this includes driving up to just “look around.” Also, do not approach, feed (even grass), or pet any animals; we cannot say there will be a safe or appropriate response or behavior from them.


1. We will invoice you at the start of the Season. You are “purchasing” the whole season of lessons – lessons are not individually sold.
2. The fee is due for these and/or similar conditions: (a) your rider does not show up; (b) your rider shows up but refuses to get on the horse; (c) your rider mounts but won’t stay on the horse; (d) your rider arrives late and, therefore, doesn’t ride the entire lesson time; or (e) in our determination your rider needs to be dismounted for any reason.
3. If your rider has a waivered service it is your responsibility to submit the invoice for payment. We will invoice you; we do not third-party bill. Ultimately, you are responsible for all lesson fees, even if there is a dispute regarding fees, the schedule, or waivered service year.
4. Cost of Lessons are listed on the Registration form.
5. A deposit of $120.00 is due per new rider (per year, not per season.) This amount will be applied to lessons, however, will be non-refundable if registration is cancelled one week (or less) before the lessons are to begin.
6. If we must cancel because of conditions that are out of our control, i.e. weather or extreme weather events, payment will still be due. This also includes cancellations due to conditions at the farm (such as ice, flooding, etc.) If there is more than one weather event cancellation, we will credit the rider’s account.
7. If we cancel for non-weather reasons (for example, if the instructor is ill) a credit will be issued to the rider’s account.
8. Weather Thresholds for Cancellation: Heat – if the temperature plus humidity equals a number of 150 or more; Cold – if temperatures are 25 degrees and below. HOWEVER, we will always evaluate conditions and cumulative effects of conditions each lesson day and only hold lessons if it’s safe to do so.

Please be advised: sometimes “weather” is not just about too hot or too cold; sometimes it’s about continuous days of difficult weather for horses and our volunteers, such as the cumulative effects they can feel from several days of extreme heat, humidity, cold rain, and so on. Also, please remember that your rider may only come for one lesson which may not seem so bad, but the horses and volunteers have several hours they have to contend with conditions.

You must complete the Registration to register your rider; just a note by email or a phone call will not suffice; but you may email the form. As we fill on a first come/first served basis for the entire year, we’ll do our best to accommodate your lesson time. We’ll contact you if an alternate is needed; then send a confirmation once your rider is placed.

If you are interested in participating, please contact director@stablepathways.org requesting information and forms; be sure to tell us a little bit about your rider.

If you have any questions, please contact Patti @ (952) 222-8106.
Any financial questions, please email finance@stablepathways.org.

Thank you. Thank you!
We look forward to serving your rider!