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It’s Been So Powerful, Y’all!
Final Lesson Year 2022

With an aging herd and an aging workforce, SP is shifting focus from serving riders to serving the horses that have benefited so many. We look forward to sharing lesson and learning space through October.

We are grateful for the true hearts we met that came to ride! Their effort, joy, and honesty made for such rich interactions; the stories are abundant and the memories are awesome! How wonderful to be trusted by so many families; we are thankful for their confidence in all facets of our program.

We appreciate the volunteers that have given generously of their time and energy. We are grateful to those that gave their best effort for the riders and horses. Many have come and gone, but their service made the lessons work.

We have been awed by the financial and in-kind support of our donors! The validation of our program in this way has been outstanding. Of course, we will still have expenses for the remaining herd and look forward to continuing donations.

We remember with love the amazing equines that have graced our program and honor those still with us. They all took on the work with commitment and heart. We will continue to have their greatest good in mind, whatever the future holds.

Be well. Stay in touch.
And thank you!

Stable Pathways
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Horses In Service for People Living with Disabilities 2009 – 2022

Stable Pathways is a tax deductible non-profit 501c3, #27-3863582
Thank you! Your donation means everything.

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Brian Doelz.
He was a great friend to SP, volunteering with any media
and website problem, bringing creative suggestions, and
cheering us on. What a kind soul – he is missed.